Oppo F19S A Great Deal For Affordable Mobile Phones


The Oppo F19S is a handy mobile phone which comes with some great features. It has been launched in collaboration with Vodafone. This mobile phone is one of the best mobile phones that can be used for both corporate and personal purposes. In this article, I will tell you that how to buy Oppo F19S online. If you are looking to buy Oppo F19S online, then you should continue reading further to know how to do so.

The Oppo F19S phones from Vodafone are available at all leading mobile stores across India like, Amazon, mobiles stores, Flipkart, along with all the leading network providers like, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Idea Cellular, Vodafone, Virgin mobile, and Spice mobile. The Oppo F19S phones are priced very reasonably and they come with a mesmerizing price tag which is amazingly low when compared to most smartphones in the market today. The Oppo F19S prices have been kept low as it is a budget smartphone which was launched in collaboration with Vodafone.

One of the amazing features of this smartphone is its ability to act as a palmtop or a tab. This amazing feature makes it all the more attractive and popular among youngsters. If you have been using a smartphone that does not have a fingerprint sensor, I am sure that you must have felt that the device is a little fragile and is easy to scratch or even break into smaller pieces. However, the Oppo F19S has a built in fingerprint sensor which ensures that the device is highly durable and does not fall apart within a short span of time. This amazing feature makes the Oppo F19S price quite pocket friendly as well.

In the Oppo F19S you get two SIM slots which are spacious enough to accommodate two active SIM cards. The handset comes with a micro SD card slot which is capable of holding up to 64GB. You can easily download all your favourite songs, videos, images, documents, and playlists onto the microSD card and transfer them to the Oppo F19S through the Bluetooth technology. The card slot is also capable of holding up to six cards, which enables the user to store huge amounts of data on the phone. You can easily download the apps that you want to use on the device and enjoy it while you are on the go. oppo f19s

The Oppo F19S has a beautiful body which is not only sleek and slim but also long. It has a one inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display which has a high level of pixel density for a better viewing experience. The phone has an attractive color combination and an extremely large screen size for which it is very comfortable. The entire body is curved and the power and volume keys are located at the top. The physical keyboard has a nice backlit keys along with larger punctuation keys. The speakerphone and volume buttons are located on the sides of the phone.

One of the most important features of the Oppo F19S is its exceptional connectivity options. It can support EDGE and Bluetooth technology which is ideal for all your connectivity needs. It also comes with a micro USB port for charging and data transfer which further adds to its durability. It also supports MMS and infrared networks for making your browsing experience more interesting. If you wish to buy this fantastic phone in India, visit our online store today.